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3 main reasons to switch to Vapor:

*  SAVE MONEY - Vaping is much cheaper in the long run, and face it, you've been smoking a long time.
*  Avoid Carcinogens - NO flames, NO burning leaves, NO tar. NO  tobacco
*  Avoid Nicotine, If you want  - (Nicotine strength is optional)
                                 E-cigs mimic smoking so well, you won't know you quit. 

SAVE MONEY - A single Disposable E-cig costs $7.50 to $10 and replaces 1.5 to 2 packs of tobacco.
                          A Rechargeable Kit is $30-50, but e-juice refills are $5-10 and replace cartons of tobacco.
                          Recharges off a wall socket, USB port or car lighter.

NO Carcinogens,  No Carbon-monoxide. No Tar, No Ash, No Butts. NO  tobacco
                           - NO BURNING of anything, 
                          Vapor (e-juce or e-liquid) is just:
                          Water, Propylene Glycol*, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine (or not), and flavor.

Nicotine is Optional  -  E-juice comes in several strengths of Nicotine, from x-tra to none, 
                           So you can nurse yourself off Nicotine - or not.
                           (Nicotine. is NOT a carcinogen.  But it IS addictive.)
                           And unlike patches, e-cigs look, feel, & taste just like  tobacco Cigarettes. 
                           You can even vape traditional  tobacco flavors with no Nicotine. You won't know you quit.
                           But you'll want to try ALL the NEW FLAVORS.

For further reading see the Wikipeidia article.
*Propylene Glycol is a common pharmaceutical & food additive with full aproval of the FDA. (GRAS)
One property of propylene glycol, irrelevant to vaping, is that it lowers the freezing tempature of water.
So it is also used as a component in certain NON-toxic coolants used by the Food and Beverage industry.
For further reading see the Wikipeidia article.

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One FLING E-cig replaces 1.5 to 2 packs of tobacco.